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Things you need to know about Building a Studio, Shed, Carport, Pergola, Cabin, Kitchen, Ensuite.


You can build 2 x 20 sqm developments in your yard without council needing to know in NSW & ACT


Is a Studio or Shed in my Garden a Class 10a building?

The BCA (Building Code of Australia) NOTES a Class 10a building as a non-habitable building being a private (Cabana – Carport – Studio - Pergola - or Shed.


Class 10a building Classification

If the rooms in your Shed / Studio contain rooms below you can build up to 2 x 20 sqm projects in your yard in NSW & ACT.


                          •Bathroom           •Laundry  

                          •Office                 •Pantry

                          •Walk-in-robe      •Corridor

                          •Open area         •Hallway    •Lobby

                          •Photographic darkroom      •Clothes-drying room


Your Shed / Studio will be classified as a Class 10a building.


The BCA definition of Non-Habitable revolves around "Rooms or Spaces" that are not occupied frequently or for extended periods, are classified as Non-Habitable.

Here is the best news, you can change the use of the Smart Looking Shed or Studio to border existing Buildings or use it to extend spaces.


The key here is as above "spaces that are not occupied frequently or for extended periods", are Non-habitable.You can apply to have the building reclassified, but you will be required to prove that it complies with the standards required for a Class 1 classification.

Or you can still have a bathroom and kitchenette in a class 10a building without council approval.


The word here is as above (Spaces that are not occupied frequently or for extended periods” are Non-Habitable.)


Smart Looking Sheds can comply with council’s needs. Here is a list of things you will have to consider. The ceiling height must be 2.4 high, have engineered details for the timber frames, floors, roof beams, uni-piers as per footings with the ant cap attached. Any bathroom Must have a waterproofing certificate we do all of this for you but you don’t need to have all of this now as you can build it and if you need to reclassify we can supply it all for you including

Bassix Report or assessment energy rating, Bushfire Rating if required, Termite Protection, wired in smoke alarm. If you want to convert from a Class 10a (shed) non habitable building to a habitable building.


To change the use of your building to a dwelling you will need to ensure that the structure meets all the requirements and regulations of the Building Code of Australia.

If you have a Smart Looking Shed or Studio you have the right kit.


You can still buy a standard Smart Looking Studio and put in a bathroom and kitchenette. You don't need to reclassify to a dwelling, if you just need it for your families needs, no need to change it.


We now do "Bathroom Modules" as a kit. Easy one day fitout, no need to waterproof or cut walls, or wait for tilers, all pre made glass tile look finish.


You can read more about the NSW laws at this link


Did you know you can put a bathroom and kitchenette into a Class 10a Building