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Poolside Studio



                                                     You can build this kit & more without council approval in NSW

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Standard Range Inclusions

Treated pine kiln dried easy install floor system kit.

Yellow Tongue Sheet Flooring

2500mm at highest point raked down to 2170mm wall frames F7 structural pine 90x35 termite treated T2 blue.

HardiePlank 230mm Woodgrain or Smooth finish wall cladding

Colorbond steel roof sheets - flashings - barge caps, in your choice of colour no extra charge.

Colorbond 115mm high front gutter. Your choice of colour no extra charge.

Twin Double opening doors in your choice of full glass - French - Solid timber, including locks & slide bolts

Large 1460mm x 940mm Western Red Cedar Window  

Raked ceiling with engineered timber beams with easy install roof panel system

External walls painted in your choice of one Dulux weathershield colour

Sisolation wall film plus R1.5 roofing blanket

External gable heights - pitch 2900mm - wall side 2170mm including floor and roof flashings.



Poolside 1 - 3000mm wide x 2400mm deep Cabin + 2000mm Pergola total width 5.0m, 12.0 sqm $13,995.00  

Poolside 2 - 3000mm wide x 3000mm deep Cabin + 2400mm Pergola total width 5.4m, 16.2 sqm $18,995.00

Poolside 3 - 3600mm wide x 3000mm deep Cabin + 2400mm Pergola total width 6.0m, 18.0 sqm $21,995.00

poolside 4 - 4800mm wide x 3000mm deep Cabin + 1800mm Pergola total width 6.6m, 19.8 sqm $24,995.00

poolside 5 - 4900mm wide x 3380mm deep Cabin + 1150mm Pergola total width 6.1m, 20.0 sqm $26,995.00




Smart Looking Poolside Backyard Cabin







Standard Sizes & Prices:


 This month $3000.00

Delivery & Installation Sydney Metro & Blue Mountains

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        A BATHROOM