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Gyprock Your Shed or Studio

Gyprock your Shed or Studio


Smart Looking Sheds can install your 10mm Gyprock sheeting and set it to a smooth finish we also can supply Soundchek nose absorption plasterboard, great for the Studio or Workshop



Gyprock Plus is made in Australia and accredited to Australian Standard AS2588 through SAI Global. It is made up of a gypsum plaster core that is wrapped in heavy-duty linerboard paper with bonded edges.


This plasterboard is manufactured with Optimised Core technology and a stronger, thicker, buff coloured face paper.


Optimised Core plasterboard has an advanced performance-to-weight ratio, meaning greater breaking strength in a substantially lighter board that continues to exceed the performance requirements of Australian Standard AS2588.


Gyprock Soundchek™


Gyprock Soundchek is a high density gypsum plasterboard with increased noise absorption properties for residential and commercial walls and ceilings where superior acoustic resistance is required.


Soundchek provides effective airborne noise and impact noise insulation. Higher levels of noise control can be achieved by including bulk acoustic insulation in the Soundchek wall cavity.


For extreme noise situations where a high degree of impact noise or low frequencies is an issue, Gyprock recommends acoustic systems where the plasterboard is mounted to resilient mounts. This type of system provides effective separation between the wall surface and the frame which dramatically reduces noise that would normally be transmitted.


The dense core of Gyprock Soundchek also gives it a higher level of soft and hard body impact resistance.