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                                              Bathroom Modules

                 You can now add a Bathroom to your Shed, Workshop, Backyard Cabin, or Studio



The Prefabricated Modular Bathroom is a complete fibreglass modular bathroom that is perfect for anyone wanting to add a second bathroom, such as an ensuite to a Shed, Backyard Cabin, or Studio


As the world of interior design, home renovations and extensions continues to evolve, people are searching for new and exciting bathroom products for everyday use.


This bathroom product is perfect for that Shed, Workshop, Backyard Cabin, and Studio for a cost effective, high end bathroom or ensuite to add to an existing Smart Looking Shed or new product.


These smart, innovative, easy to maintain bathrooms, easy to install bathrooms, easy to clean bathrooms and best of all, low cost bathrooms compared to the installation of a conventional tiled bathroom. No time wasting looking for trades and waterproofing.


Smart Looking Sheds install them once the walls are up in your project and all we have to do is get the plumber to connect up to the existing sewer or pump system to the existing home plumbing. The Saniflo pump system can connect your new Cabin or Studio to your Home even if the land level or if you would not rather dig up the backyard, paving or pool

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